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Hi guys,I'm four weeks post op,and a week a go I went into a fibro flare,went to my primary phy,and he raised my lyrica and put me back on vicadin,two tablets three times a day.I hurt so bad I could scream.It feels like someone took a hammer and crushed my shoulder bones,my hips,legs and feet even hurt,But they tell me to keep moving so I dont get stiff,I think I tore something in my knee,I was doing so good after the ALIF surgery and then this,so whats next????I put my electric mattress pad back on and put my heating pad on the bed so I can keep my shoulders warm.My insion is very sore,and feels thick,I thought I would be farther along that this.I try and walk and it hurts so bad,at this point I just dont know what to do???Take care all and make sure you rest.Good Night:angel: