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Thought I would start a new thread. Saw the Neurosurgeon today. He said the MRI looks good. He said that does not dismiss my symptons. I liked that. Most doctors would say everything looks good and you are not in pain. At least he recognizes I'm in pain. He gave me more Oxycodone and said if I need more to just call his assistant. He said I had this pain down the leg, foot and toes before surgery so it may just take time for it to go away. He said the nerve is probably inflamed. He said I've done therapy, TENS and take Lyrica and Skelaxin so I'm doing everything right. I've been walking everyday. I even take Calcium with D everyday. So basically it will just take time. He said to call him in 6 weeks if still in pain. He said if anything happens before then I should call him. He said I need to take some anti-inflammatories but I can't because I had Gastric Bypass surgery 5 years ago and I'm not suppose to take Asprin, Advil and stuff like that. Can only take Tylenol and that is useless. I'm going to make an appt with my primary. There may be something I can take that won't be too rough on the stomach. I've even lost 6 pounds. Trying to get the 30 off I gained since surgery.