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Hello to everybody! just a few words to say that I'm glad I went through my one level fusion, to say to all the ones that are waiting for the surgery or to those that already had it that the path is long and tough but it is worth doing it, I'm still on Lyrica (75mg. in the evening) and on muscle relaxer before going to bed but no more pain killers.
It's not easy to find the right balance between movement and rest to avoid pain but little by little is not impossible to find it!
I feel better than before the surgery and I do so many things, a normal life!
Anyway I will not get the qualification for my job (air stewardess) so I will retire and find something else to do...
This board has been so important for me, an inspiraton on bad days, I will come here sometimes because I consider people here as an important part of my life, I share with all the friends here my experience knowing that they could understand me very very well!!!!
For all those that are suffering, you're in the best place....one day pain will end, it's true, you wake up and....it's gone!
Big hugs to all of you!:wave: Pat