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Hi Emily: No they didn't say what kind of scoliosis I have. This came up at the end of my visit with a new Rheumy, and took me by surprise. He ordered a bunch of blood tests and x-rays so I guess I'll find out more when I see him next time, plus I didn't ask any questions. I was seeing him for increasing bone pain, unrelated to my back. I wasn't all that surprised with the comment he made, because last week I had a dexa, and the tech couldn't get my spine to line up straight, and asked if I had curvature of the spine, and I said I didn't think so. I'm sure this prob is a result of all the surgeries, it seems like everything is!! I'm hoping the forteo has improved my t score a whole bunch!! I just wish there was some magical cure for all the pain. Oh, have you ever tried the SSRI's for nerve pain? I know a lot of the others have and seem to get good pain coverage, but I've always had trouble taking anti-depressants. Maybe some of these newer ones (cymbalta, lyrica) don't have as many side effects. Anyway he wants me to consider it.

When you had your last injection, did they have the numbing spray then? I had many epidurals etc back in the 80's and the way they do it know is less painful. I was really nervous about a tendon injection, because I was comparing it to the way I remember it was years ago, and it wasn't anywhere near as bad. It still hurts; but with the spray, then novacaine, then shot, you really don't feel that much after the initial sting; if you do it ask for the numbing spray first. BTW, I'm packing my bags as we speak;)

Good luck...