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Everyone develops scar tissue at different rates and amount. I felt great for about 5 weeks after my laminectomy and then the pain started back again. MRI shows scar tissue at the site where the piece of free floating disc was removed. They can distinguish what is scar tissue by how it uptakes the contrast. Now my nerve pain down the leg into the foot is very significant and my lower back and tailbone hurts also. EMG shows permanent nerve damage on the right. I am now on Lyrica (helps alot with the nerve pain in the leg) but not with the tailbone. I am scheduled for an injection on Wed. My doc says they have had some success with ESI and scar tissue. He does not believe in surgery for scar tissue because it comes back and sometimes worse than before. He also mentioned the stimulator if the injections don't help. I hope it doesn't come to that. Sounds so invasive to me. Hope this helps. Best of luck to you.