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Hi KD,

What is happening to you is the same thing that is going on with me. I felt a pop and then had pain later. I was leaning forward to wash my hands and there was a pop with no pain, so I went back to work. I got up later to go to the restroom and with every step the pain got worse and worse. I made to the bath, but I almost passed out. I set on the toilet awhile(sorry for the graphics), til I felted better. Again with every step it got bad.

I went to my PCP and right off, a MRI was ordered and referred to a neuro surgeon. The surgeon took one look and know what was wrong. I don't want to scare you, but He said I need surgery:mad:. If this is what I need to get back to normal, so be it. I am so tired os surgerys, I have had so many in the passed years. Ask many questions of your DR.. My neuro doc put me on Lyrica 75mg twice a day and it is helping with the numbness. It is not so bad, I can sleep at night. I get lots of rest and try not to push myself to much to make it worse than before. I do small walks to wake the nerves up and get the blood moving. Hang in there!!!