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Fused, I just want you to know that I am praying that you receive some answers today at your appt. Just remember those nerves are probably really angry from the surgery and can take a very loooooooonnnng time to heal. Have they put you on neurotin, lyrica, elvail, or topomax?
Thanks for your reply and for your prayers DrPepper,

I am currently on Hydromorphone 2 mg... I will ask my doctor about these (neurotin, lyrica, elvail, topomax) medications this afternoon. Other suggestions always welcome.

My doctor visit was very informative, my doctor took his time examining and explaining things where I could understand, he ordered CT SCAN (no contrast) and put me on LYRICA (75 MG TWICE A DAY FOR A WEEK) after initial week 150 mg twice a day.... He told me that symptoms were L5 level nerve damage (too early to call perm), so far L3, L4 and S1 levels are doing really good. X-rays showed NO hardware misplacement. He indicated as most of you did, IT WILL TAKE TIME... His advice was to "take your medication and relax... Let time and nature take its course..."

Again, thanks to all of you (HealthBoard members), you guys were there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry and let my frustration out... I will try to be more active on this board....
I have been sleeping last 48 hours, I guess my body needed this.... I believe that LYRICA is already working... But it is too early to make that call.... I will be posting the results at this thread... Again thanks again to everyone....