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Hi Everyone,
Well yesterday was my PM Dr. visit. I guess it went good only time will tell. We're going to go ahead with the nerve root injections and my lyrica dosage was upped from 100mg 3 times a day to 150 mg 3 times a day. He's hoping that will help with the issue of me tripping all the time. He said the shots may help with that too. He said I could get as good as 50% less pain than I have now for up to a year. I'm not really looking forward to them but I can't stay like this for very long. He feels the increase in the lyrica will help with the new pains in the nerve damage area but he said that what I have now will not get better and should not get worse. Dr. thinks the lyrica dosage I'm on now just isn't enough and once we get the proper dosage with that the foot & leg trouble should not give me the problems I have now.

I don't really feel as good as I thought I would about the visit, not sure why probably because I didn't really get any solid answers since I have to wait to see if the new treatments will work or not. I will keep you all updated and thanks for support.

God Bless