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Hi Sage,
I"m doing ok, still tripping alot but I try to be extra careful when I'm walking now. I almost fell into our pond yesterday, lol, I bet my neighbors think I'm drunk half the time, lol.

I got my lyrica increased from 100 to 150mgs 3times a day, took the first one last night, the bed was spinning when I laid down, I took the morning one and so far so good with the dizziness. I guess it will take a few doses to adjust to the increase. Pm said between the lyrica increase and the shots the tripping should stop and the nerve damage pain will hopefully decrease too. I will keep everyone updated.

I know how you feel having to wait & see with things, it is very frustrating but not much to do about, but like you say, just keep going on.

Clover, I take the flexiril and have for a few years, I still can feel the difference in my back if I miss a dose, major muscle pain, so I guess I will have to keep on that one too. It sure sounds like your doing really well, what a feeling of freedom when you shed the brace, huh. I'm so happy your feeling so much better now. Keep it up.

God Bless


God Bless