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For those who have not been following my ordeal here is the link


Here is what's happening now. I have been off since the injury 5-23-2007, I ran out of sick time on 6-08-2007 and workers comp is arguing about the terminology of my injury?????? I have an expedited appeal on July 16th:eek: I went to my family Dr on friday who said to HE** with workers comp and set me up for physical rehab on Tuesday the 26th....I have quit taking the lyrica and started 100 mgs of Neurontin for 3 days and am working up to 300 mgs a day over a period of 6 days.......Was also given a steroid shot by my GP and put on Lidoderm patches....Still have burning in my legs and pain shooting into my left butt cheek......And to add insult to injury i am broke and worried about how i am gonna pay bills with just the wifes income:mad: :mad: :mad: I am so happy that employers are required to pay into a system(workers Comp) That is a total joke. My case worker said dont worry they will allow all of your injuries in the appeal this is just red tape:eek: :eek: .....Ok i am sorry just had to rant and get it off my chest...Thanks for listening:)