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I had a fusion at L4 two months ago and now I have severe tailbone pain(I had it before but not as bad) and sciatic pain on left side (this was my bad side). It doesn't matter if I am at work or home the pain is constant. I think the only reason I get some sleep at night is because I take amytriptolene for migraines. I had a shot in tail bone that the Dr thought would take pain away but a week out and it is worse. Also had an MRI and it was fine but my sciatic is getting worse. My daughter has had trouble w/sciatic pain and she mentioned that she gets a shot when she starts having pain and it really help. I don't see my Spine Specialist until the 13th and was thinking of going to the ER today to see about a shot. Have any of you with sciatic problem have this shot and did it give you any relief? I have some Vicodin but not much and afraid Dr will not refill it. I have some Lyrica that I used to take for my pain and was thinking about starting that up and see if it helps. You people know so much that I thought I would ask. Thanks