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Hi Elle I had my L5 S1 fusion on jan 17, almost seven month ago...last week I was in Sorrento with my husband for a wedding and for the first time I said "today I feel so good I almost forget my back pain" really I was so surprised!!! And happy!!! I have to tell you it's a hard way but one day you'll get up and you will not feel any pain, this is the truth, somebody here told me this when I was few weeks post surgery and I though it wasn't possible but now I see that I really felt this!
Obviously when you feel better you risk to overdo and feel pain again but recovery is faster week by week, I kept an hard brace for two months then a soft one for another two, I tried swimming on month three because I felt so fat...but I stopped because this caused me a worse pain and I started a diet and I lost 8 kilos (4 pounds) so I tried walking and this was better, each day a minute more, now I wake up early and I walk for an hour, Some days I feel pain...never mind I take a pain killer and I take a day off, resting, watching a movie or reading a book...
I'm still on lyrica 75 in the night and a muscle relaxer before going to bed...if I can help you please ask me, I wish you all the best!