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Hello Hello, 11.30 pm just decided to log in and is if there was any update on the board, delighted to hear from you.

Yes got on well at physio, very pleased with progress and my walking, and mobility, said I could go on a threadmill, not to drive if I didnt need to (clutch etc). Gave me a few gentle exercises to do 3 times aday. Went for coffee afterwards!!!!!! then went to lye down for 45 min and did a 25 min walk after that
today I have been more out of bed then in exhausted !!!!!!!!!!.

Saw your posting on lyrica, I had been on a very low dosage years ago so I really didnt have much input on it.......no weight gain, but made me sleepy!!
But you seem to have got a result quickly, as far as I can remember it can take awhile to build up in the system.

Tell me how are you doing other than that, are you getting PT? are you still driving. I sent you a posting last night, dont know if you saw it or not it was in response to your last post.

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