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Well I'm glad you feel so good these days, good luck on the interview!!! It's so scary to look for work, you know if you tell them about the back thing they won't hire you, thinking you will be missing work all the time and stuff. I'm considered un-insurable (how nice) thats what my hubby madical mutual said. If hubby woudl have started at his job one week later they woudl nto have insured me due to the legnth of time I was not insured, that was 2 yrs ago. Thank goodness for medicare.

I'm still on all my meds, yuck! even thos the lyrica does control a major part of the nerve damage, I still have constant pain at some level, mostly tolerable. I take 150 mg lyrica a day, 4-5 10/500 lortab a day, flexiril 10mg 3x a day. Amazingly I dont' feel all doped up being on all of that.

The concert was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! I adore nickelback, I liked daughtry, and staind was there too. It was so way cool(sound like me son). I felt bad for these 3 about 14 yr old boys there with thier parents, they left halfway thru nickelback!!! can you imagine leaving then. I wish I could have taken them home so they could have stayed for the whole thing. I guess my hubby & I are the cool parents not the fuddy duddy ones. I embarrass my son at times, lol.

The injections dont' seem to be doing anything good, I think they may even have made me feel a lil worse at times. I still have two more to go so I won't pass any judgement yet.

I too am losing weight, 7 lbs so far in the past 2 weeks. I'm so happy for both of us. My goal is what you weigh now, lol, I weigh 192 now. I have a long road ahead, I told my hubby I'm losing it if I have to cut my bad leg off. It weighs about 40 lbs, lolol.

Well I will be going to bed now to fight myself to go to sleep, still have major sleeping problems, some things never change.

Well good to catch up with you, and to see your ok and going to school again and wow just so busy. I hope you stay doing so well.

God Bless