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Hi everyone, this is my first post. Next Tuesday, I'll be undergoing a laminectomy. I'm not as nervous as I am anxious to get it done. The pain I've been experiencing is just excruciating and brings me to tears! I have a large protruding disc in the L4/L5 region, and it's impinging on nerve roots on both sides of my spine. The pain has increased steadily over the past 10 days. One of the forum members here emailed me and suggested asking for a nerve pain reliever called Lyrica or Topomax. Has anyone here used either of these, and can you let me know your results? Did you find nerve pain relief from the use of those medications? I'm taking around 50mg of morphine daily right now, and it's barely touching the pain.

Thank you!

Ksimmo--Welcome to the boards and good luck on the 17th. Hope they take care of that for you.

I take Lyrica for nerve pain and it help's out alot. Morphine is pretty strong stuff and should help you cope with pain..Did you tell your Dr. it's not helping ? Maybe you should ask for something different or stronger ?

Good luck on your surgery.