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Hi everyone! This is my first post.[removed] On Tuesday I will be undergoing back surgery in the L4/L5 region to shave a large protruding disc and take care of some nerves that seem to be wreaking havoc on me now. The pain I'm experiencing is so intense, that it brings me to tears often. I'm taking 50+mg of morhpine a day, which barely touches the pain, but just takes the edge off a bit. The forum member who contacted me suggested asking for a prescription of Lyrica or topomax to relieve the nerve pain. Has anyone else taken these meds, and what was the result? Did you find relief from them? If I can just manage the pain through Monday until surgery time, I'll be okay, but right now, it's almost intolerable. Please let me know about these nerve pain meds and what your experience has been with them.

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