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hi, last dec i had facet injections and they worked great for two weeks so the doc said i should get the kind of surgery where they burn the nerves around the bulging disks in my back, forgot what it was called, really worked well for several months but the pain soon all came back, i'm way worse than before and the procedures were close to twenty thousand together. and the steroids made me put on ten pounds which is the last thing my back needed, i'm not way over weight but i know anyone with back probs does not need extra weight, i'm 5'5 and 146 pounds, and i'm 42 years old. My back hurts all night in bed and its really bad when i get up for a few hours then when i get moving i get some relief but by around two in the afternoon its hurting bad. i take vicodin a few times a week only and it helps alot but i don't want to become reliant on vicoidin so i jst suffer, alleve helps alittle but not much. lyrica helps alot but makes my mind feel out of it all day, not worth it. i have never had my back fused or anything. i have bulging disk l4l5 and moderate spinal stenosis, and degenerative disk disease and something new reverse curvature in my neck with these weird spasms. Any ideas would be great.