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Hi Round 2.

Don't know if you saw my reply the other day, just wondering how you are doing on the lyrica? . Spending more time up and about now thank God. Find the sitting a little bit easier. Hope to drive in the next week or so... we will see. Drop us a note when you get a chance

Round 1
Hello Round 1

It's so good to hear you doing better!!!!! I doing okay on the lyrica, No side effects as of yet!!!;) my legs don't hurt anymore now it's just my lower back where the surgery was. I guess all the muscles are really tight, I'm okay all day long standing, sitting, but the moment I lay in bed:dizzy: my back starts hurting a little. I feel a big lump on my left side of my back, nurse said it could be muscles. I dont start therapy until the 3 months:( They told me not to use the brace at home anymore only when driving or in vehicle. It was putting to much pressure on my lower back. I feel great without that stupid thing.:D well keep in touch . love you lots!!!!!!! and god bless you and your family:angel: