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I don't know I am going to request something for nerve pain - lyrica and elavil did not work for me so I am researching options. My appt is next Wed.

You are doing fantastic with your weight loss and should have a big grin on your face like this :D !! I am so proud of you.
Hi Diet,

I have been taking Topamax for five months now ( 100mg x2 day ) for nerve pain. My doc at first put me on Lyrica which my body had a bad reaction too. I have found the Topamax to work pretty well with the nerve pain( for me ). I still have times where I feel sensation ( mild pain ) under my toes. Worst of times its running from toe to heal, but its more annnoying than painful. With that said, I am also going to say at seven months post op from L4 - S1 fusion I am JUST now starting to feel ok. I hope you find the source of what is causing this pain. I know how frustrating this whole back thing is. In the boat with you.