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Hello Everyone!!!
Hope everyone is doing better today:) !!!I have a question? I am almost 8 weeks post op fusion L5/S1, laminectomy,disk replacement,hardware.....and the list goes on and on:D . I had my own bone taken from the back of my hip and just wanted to know if this could be causing the pain in the my lower back and top of buttocks? I am currently taking the lyrica 75 mg 2Xday.At times I notice the pain will go away when my husband rubs my back or right leg:confused: I am walking a mile a day, with no pain , When I'm walking it goes away a little, but sitting or lying down it hurts .Could it be muscular???? I don't know what to think anymore. someone please give me some advice:( God bless everyone!:angel:

Hi Laurie,
What kind of Medication are you taking now? Did you take muscle relaxers? It's great that you only need a pain pill occassionaly I was doing really good and then about 2 weeks ago I started with lower back and leg pain. they put me on lyrica and the leg pain went away no its just the hip pain in the middle of my lower back.

Keep me posted on how your doing!!!
I think I had the same surgery too. It is strange. I can walk with little pain. I can do most anything. It doesn't hurt as you do things. But after it hits you like a brick. I can't stand more then a few minutes. When I do, my back around my waist starts to throb. It feels like a rock. I also get tailbone, leg pain, pain around the scar etc. The surgeon keeps saying it will take time. I live on Skelaxin, Lyrica and Oxycodone. With all those meds it is amazing I still have pain.