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Well glad to see I'm not alone! I wish I was a Barbie and could just rip my left hip out of socket at will.

Upon starting to have back problems my hip was involved...I would even go so far to say that the pain has always been more aggravating than my actual spine pain.

Upon starting with my back problems I had several epidural steriod injections and radiofrequency ablation to my left facet areas of my lumbar spine. I would have some relief but it wasn't enough to last more than a week or so. Low and behold the MRI showed two herniates at L4/5 and L5/S1, of which the L5/S1 was considered surgical.

I had my first L5 hemilamenectomy 9/06 and had absolutely NO HIP PAIN after. Well a few weeks later it started to creep up on me again...2nd MRI and my L4/5 was herniated even worse...another hemilamenectomy 11/06 and my symptoms still did not resolve. One more MRI ah ah ah (trying to sound like The Count) and we found that both levels had reherniated.

I had my L4/5 L5/S1 fusion 1/07 and my hip pain has been worse ever sense! I've noticed since my fusion that I've also developed atrophy in my left quad and at times when I'm walking my knee will give out - this is usually daily when my hip pain is at it's peak and I know it's most likely due to changing my gait to accomodate for the pain.

I've been in aquatic pt since 4/06 and also have the benefit of working at home with my husband who is an orthopedic clinical specialist in Physical Therapy - neither PT options have helped with my hip. I'm waiting for an eval on 8/8 with a PT who is supposed to do wonders for chronic pain according to my husband and his collegues as well as our friends. I'm hoping that will make some headway in my pain.

I too have been told that my pain is probably muscular however, on Monday, I had a caudal epidural steriod injection and after dealing with the misery of recovering from that today I finally feel a little better...and guess what my hip pain has decreased immensly. So being that the ESI acts on the nerves, I wonder how my pain can be muscular? I asked my husband that last night and he said now he thinks it is true nerve pain considering the ESI is working.

The only other thing I've tried to calm the pain has been massage therapy with a fabulous certified massage therapist...I've went the past 2 weeks (didn't think it would be good to go this week with the amount of pain I had after the ESI) and have noticed that I'm a little looser in the hip area and don't feel the constant feeling that I wish I could pull my hip out shake it around and put it back in it's place. I know when she has worked on me she has really focused on my hip flexors and piriformus area. For whatever it's worth I'm glad I've had some relief with it...and hey...who doesn't love getting a massage.

If anyone has any other tips or tricks to help with hip pain I'd love to hear them! I'm also wondering what non-narcotic options people are using for treating this nerve pain...I'm on Cymbalta and have tried Neurontin. I've read a few posts about Lyrica and Topomax and would love more information as I intend on asking my pain management physician about it this coming week.