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Thanks everyone for your advice. I have an appt. with my chiropractor tomorrow and going to vent my frustrations. I did see my GP on Friday and vented to him too, but feel he's not much help. I have been out of work and my PT job is 110% physical, (usually I am a full time Graduate student) I explained this to him about signing me out of work and he didn't seem pleased. The pain is worse now, a burning stinging feeling sometimes with sharp pains and my feet are even more tingly up to my ankles and calves. My GP just increased my dosage of pain meds, I take Opana ER and Lyrica. It looks like I need to go find another GP. My frustration through all this is that I feel like I have to convince the doctors that I am in pain even though tests are not showing anything obvious. I've never had back pain/problems before and am new to this. I'm not sure what questions I should be asking and when I do ask questions I get cut off and am told to relax and it takes time.
thanks, artwork88