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Thanks so much for your replies. Emily, you always hit the nail on the head. Your right my salvation will be someday but not on this earth. I wouldn't even mind the daily pain if it did someone else some good some how. Perhaps that is my calling to help find some way to avoid this for someone down the road. I dont' know, right now it doesn't make any sense to me why I have to go thru this. I take like 15 pills a day now and still have 24/7 pain. It is a pain that if I can get into something, deep into it mentally I can almost not feel it but that is not a daily thing, not even a monthly thing to get into doing something that deeply. I used to make greeting cards and that would help so much to be able to put a smile on others faces with my creations. I haven't made many cards lately, I can't even seem to get to that part of me anymore. I will not give up on life your right there. I'm almost 46, just went to Nickelback concert!!!! was that great. I'm still a teen inside sometimes. My hubby just shakes his head at me sometimes, because my 16 yr old son in more reserved than I at times. I love the things I love 110% and enjoy those things more than I can describe. aside from my family and rock music are my lil chi's (chihuahua's) 1 long hair 1 short hair. They are my everyday, all day long enjoyment. They truely warm my heart just to look at them. They dont' care if I can walk well that day or not, they dont' care if I have make up on or not, they love me all the time. I have yet to find one human being that can say that about another.

Well now I'm rambling, sorry. I"m nt going to try anything new, I'm taking my meds and maybe they might up the lyrica again, I'mona pretty high dosage now, 450 a day, and it doesn't seem to be helping as well now.

I do thank all of you for the support I get here, it's the best. My mom well what can I say, if you dont' talk about it it doesn't exist. My son really doesn't want to hear about it. My hubby is killing himself working because of my lack of ability, and honestly I really think he is just sick of it too like I am. So this is my only place left and you are always there for me.

God Bless