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Before my L4-S1 fusion spinal stenosis caused alot of pain in my legs. They ached so bad at night, that I was typically up to 3am before I fell asleep.
The surgery was supposed to take care of that. Unfortunately it did not. 9 weeks out the legs are getting worse. they ache a lot during the day but seem to simmer down at night when I go to sleep. The main problem is they feel cold, like I soak them in ice water all day long. Sometimes I go out when it is 90 deg in sit in the heat so I can feel some warmth into them. This seems to be getting worse. The doctor said it may take 6 months to a year before they might feel better due to nerve damage, or this is how they might always be. This was the one thing I was hoping surgery would take care of. I currently am taking lyrica for this pain, and after reading the forums wanted to talk to the doc about neurontin to see if that might help since lyrica only slightly helps.
Just wondering what other people have experienced.