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Wondering how you were doing, good to hear from you. By all accounts you seem to be doing well. I know I have improved and I remember the early days of saying I could only stay up for so many hours. Things have improved but I just find it more frustrating. Today I drove to my sisters house all be it 10 minutes away, passed 90 minutes away but I was sore. I was sitting for the full 90 minutes and it is as if a knot or a ball builds up in my back and I need to either walk or lye down. I just came home so sore, and felt I was just more comfey in my own home, and would rather have phoned her.

Are you still taking the lyrica? tell me how you are doing I really would love to know? How is the walking going? I can do 15 minutes without discomfort on the threadmill, so I really need to up that hopefully, I just find it boring watching the time tick by on it. I do have the radio on to distract me. I actually have by rosary beads on it so I start praying as I walk on it !!
Please do light a candle for us all here as we just have to keep the faith, without it we have nothing.

Denise, looking forward to hearing from you, when you get a chance
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