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Hello all

I have not been on for quite some time....I really like it on this board, but I have been putting myself thru this self-made program, and it's helping so far. My only problem has now turned into "Isolation". thats another story.

BUT, I have been walking and swimming and doing arm lifts like a mad woman. 3 miles/day, 30 laps in the pool / 3-4x a week, and I'm up to 8 # weights for my arm lifts. AND YES, I have been knocked out of my routine a few times due to my back acting up on me in a big way...we're talking hard to walk for like 3 weeks...then another 3 weeks of sllooowww walking. I cry.....and can't believe how hard I'm working at healing and my back shuts down on me like that.....very frustrating and I get sad & angry, & nobody understands my troubles & I just want to quit.....all at the same time. THEN, I Get back into the swing of things after a breakdown. But, I have to say that I'm starting to feel some progress. Thank God. Seriously. It's small, but it's there.

What I did was spent the summer in Florida at an empty home of someone that I know...no TV, only use the computer for a few minutes at the Town Hall, and I read books of Self-help & Romance....I'm a sucker for Nicholas Sparks....Currently Reading Breaking Back by James Blake. Well after 3+ months of that....I came home to terror. Denied Disability, Denied unemployment, Denied SSI, Credit destroyed, Lawyers all over my mail, and NOT doing my Exercise Routine for 2 weeks......Sooooooooooo.....then I came down with Shingles. It was bound to happen if you are having a Nervous Breakdown! LOL. damn, I am a mess. BUT, I STILL THINK I AM MAKING PROGRESS SOMEHOW.

I just saw my PM MD and he put me on LYRICA....I'm very nervous about this med, but we shall see where it takes me. I actually hope and pray that I can start to come off all of these meds sooner than Later. If anyone wants to throw a prayer in for me...please feel free. I'm having a real hard time since my return home.....besides my exercise routine being interrupted by my back being bothered again, and all the other mess, my family hasn't been that nice to me since my return....actually, they've been kind of nasty to me. So, I feel like I'm kind of in this ALONE. I don't know if any of you feel like this, but it's an aweful feeling. Right? It's scary, and makes you kind of angry, and let's not forget the big one.....SAD with Grief. Most of my friends live so far away....actually thay all do but one...and she's VERY busy with her family. So, I'm living each day as a loner, in Isolation, and just trying to make the right calls and connections to keep my life afloat until I can work again and live my life again in a more independent way. It's tough, no doubt, but I think it's doable for a bit. I hope so. :)

Anyway...that's an update on me.
Hi Babs! :wave:

I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you are. I'm sorry to hear it's not so great. How nice that you had a little break down in Florida for a while. Too bad you came home to such misery. Are you going to pursue disability again? From what I've read on here, almost everyone gets rejected at first. Don't give up! Get a lawyer if you think it will help. They only get paid if they win for you, so you won't lose anything except part of the first payment.

Your exercise regimen sounds rigorous, to say the least. Wow, that's so fantastic that you're able to do all that, albeit with pain. I know you're listening to your body and slowing down when you need to, but a good exercise program can do wonders! I just got back from the gym and sat down at the computer because I'm pooped, but it feels so good to use my muscles. I'm so careful not to use machines that put stress on my back, only machines where I pull down weight, never lifting up weight. Or machines where I push or pull weight straight backward or forward. And I go for a good half hour on the treadmill with an incline for part of the time. I'll never be a poster girl for the gym, but that's not my goal. I just want to make myself as strong and fit as this old body can get.

How's your thoracic pain? What's your doctor saying now about it?

I wish for you that you weren't so isolated. Can you do volunteer work at the hospital, maybe just sitting at the info desk for two hours or so? It would get you out of the house and into an environment you're already comfortable in. Or maybe find a local church that has some activities going on, not necessarily a singles group, but just some things where you could meet and talk to people. It's got to be hard to have relocated back to your parents house after surgery and not have been able to build a new network of friends. Do your pain levels let you get out much?

I hope your home stress lets up. I'm sure that doesn't do anything to help your pain! Maybe the Lyrica will help. Thanks for updating!

You take care,
Emily :wave: