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I'm so sorry your in such pain, you are suffering from chronic pain. I do know what you feel like and I must say only spiney's (like you) can honestly say they understand. If your having nerve pain I hate to tell you that regular pain killers aren't going to touch your pain. What is the new drug your dr. has called in? It sounds like you need a nerve pain med like neurontin or lyrica. But they don't work instantly so that will not be the immediate answer that you sound like you need. I would go to the ER if I was throwing up in pain. Perhaps they can give you something thru an IV that may help. After my last surgeries my dr. gave me deladid(IV) and that didn't work but IV steroids did the trick. Now you can't stay on those for more then a few days but it would help until the nerve meds kicked in. If your new meds don't work call your dr. back and ask if a nerve pain meds might do the trick. Don't be afraid to ask your dr. what might work, you two are a team and he shouldn't be offended if your still in pain because what he's doing isn't working. Also tell him that your throwing your throwing up in pain, he may want you to go to the ER after knowing that.

Yvette, my pharmacist told me that lortab has the same ingredients as vikcodin only less tylenol and more hydrocodone so it actually is a better pain killer without the danger of all the tylenol, it is also stronger than ES vicodin. They switched me to lortab since I will be on it long term the tylenol levels needed to be lower.

Again I'm so sorry that your suffering so much, how I wish I could help more than this. I will be praying for you.

God Bless

how long does it take until lyrica works? I tried it, but after 2 days with no pain relief started on oxycodone. Makes me sick. Doesn't help much with the pain.

thanks... can't sit any longer.