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Hey all,
I have not posted in prob 3 months or so (honestly was frustrated and didnt even want to talk "back") but, i had my 2nd back surgery and i am still feeling the same pains that i had gone into get fixed. My first surgery "failed" l5-s1 fusion, and not "redid" that and added l4-l5 to the mix with 2 rods and 6 screws. This surgery has added extreme numbness and pain the the left hip and groin. I was told that this could happend and would heal post op with some time, now they say maybe good as it gets (lyrica 200mg atm to take care of that). Before surgery i was up to a total of 4mg dilaudid 6x a day, and now on 20mg oxycontin 3x a day. Helps most but not all of the time. My only worry now is if (lets just say) this is as "good as it gets" what next. nothing broke to fix, only meds to dish out. I dont want to take the meds but Literally can not function with the pain w/out them either. will the docs try to just "take them away" and say we have done it all now deal with it? Let me tell you know that there is now way i could ever just "deal with it". I know that everyone has VERY diff opinions and experiences ty for sharing these with me. God Bless you all, and Welcome all new folks to the boards i have been reading your stories!