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What do you do if :
1. you've had 2 surgeries- a fusion at L4-5 with screws and rods 4 yrs ago and then removal of hardware 10 months ago-- both unsuccessful.
2. you've tried opiates ( Ms-contin ) which you've had to stop because it dropped your testosterone and you become impotent-- other drugs like anti-depresssants for pain as well as gabapentin/ lyrica did nothing.

Now the neurosurgeon says the only options I have are: spinal cord stimulation or a morphine pump ( the morphine pump will make my impotence reoccur which I don't want to happen at 41 yrs old ).
He's sending me for one more round of tests, including MRI, bone scan and CT-discogram but he says it likely won't show much-- he thinks the pain is "from the spinal cord level" as he puts it. I think he means it's neuropathic and untreatable with further surgery. He did say that if the CT-discogram shows a problem with the adjacent disc, there is a possibility that the fusion could be extended. HE gives only a 50% chance of success if this was attempted.
Has anyone had their screws and rods removed? How was it? Obviously the source of the pain for me was NOT this-- otherwise I'd be better. The surgeon was afraid of this but I took the chance because I was in so much pain. The problem is now is that I'm getting worse and I don't know what to do-- I've tried ever therapy out there-- and even attended pain management clinics. I'm just really lost and I am in a desperate situation and I don't want to make a rash decision. Did anyone find success with this spinal cord stimulation?