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At week 8, I was still in pain (but it was surgery recovery pain) and PT made the difference to turning all that around for me. It was really hard at first and it went very slowly at first to begin seeing a difference that the stretching and exercise. I began to not feel so stiff and not as sore. Eventually I was walking straight again, had a normal gate again, and continued to get better.
Give the PT it's full course to work. I was in PT from week 10 until 7 months post surgery. After that.. I still PT but on my own.

Give it time. It's really too early to know, but if your pain level has dramatically increased, has your surgeon run a CT Scan and/or possibly ordered a new MRI with contrast to see how things are going back there? Possibly looking for a broken screw.. to make sure all your hardware "appears" to be okay.

It has been documented that BMP is noted for actually causing/inflicting inflammation in many, including me. And it took a long time for that to subside for me.

I had similar issue with the leg post op, but mine started immediately post surgery. The foot was weak, numb, thigh was very numb (took a month to get decent feeling there), and had nerve pain in legs mostly left leg and foot/and big toe being the worst. I proved to be allergic and have serious adverse reactions to nerve meds, so I had to tough out the pain on my own.

Has your doctor offered to try you on Lyrica or Neurontin (nerve meds) to see if they help with your nerve pain and also some lower back pain as well, to go along with your pain meds? Something to consider also.

Well hang in there and keep us posted.