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Went to see my ns today. pain so bad in left hip and leg I can hardly walk or sit. he said xrays were ok and said the nerves were inflamed.Didn't say from what.surgery or pt. i tend to think surgery since it has hurt since then and only has got worse sinse pt. and prescrbed LYRICA 50 mg 3 times a day for nerve pain. he said its up to me when i feel good enough to go back to pt. has any one else taken this for hip pain. how long before it works? Did you give pt a rest for awhile.
I take 150 Mgs twice a day of Lyrica didn't notice it working until I stopped it 2 days later. It works for me but not enough. Some people have reactions to it. Your hip pain is nerve pain and thats what this medicine is for. Give it a few days to work. It makes me very tired but still can't sleep.