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hello and I find you remarkable, to have the level of surgery you've had and you returned to work at 4.5 weeks post op. Wow!

Swelling is normal and the bodies natural defense mechanisms to healing. Actually without swelling healing can be halted. This is why many doctors do not like to give any anti-inflammatories while a surgery patient recovers. It can actually prohibit fusion.

The tightness behind your knees (more likely due to swelling and also inactivity), the "extra" nerve pain you are experiencing is also very normal. Not fun, but normal. They worked very closely and at your nerves and it takes a while for all of that to calm down. The nerves seem to feel better the last. If your doctor has not mentioned nerve medications, might be something for you to ask and try. Most common of ones are Neurontin, Lyrica (sister rx to Neurontin), Cymbalta, Topamax, etc. Something to consider if the nerve pain is taking center stage and getting in the way of things.

I didnt have nerve pain in my left leg until post surgery. The surgery left me with some permanent nerve damage, but it's quite minimal compared to the majority, and worth the trade of the horrific pain I had endured for 4+ years. That pain is gone.

keep us posted on how you are doin.
[SIZE="3"]Thanks for your reply and comments. I am on Lyrica as of my 6 week check-up. I had minimal nerve pain before surgery and only one spot of numbness, so all that has been much worse after surgery. Hopefully temporarily. My worst "before surgery" pain was in my hips and low back. The hip pain has been gone since I woke up and the low back pain has returned since I returned to work. Like I said, the leg and foot pain and discomfort has been the worst of the recovery and has taken me by surprise. I have felt like I'm wearing socks since I woke up from surgery and still do. I'm sure it will get better as time goes on. It's only been 2 months tomorrow. I'm glad to hear that your recovery has gone so well.
Congrats on returning to work so fast . I had a one level fusion L4-L5 4 years ago and I can't go to work and look at you 2 months and your back..Thats awsome...I take Lyrica 150MG 3 times a day. It helps with my nerve pain but not all of it. Just give yoursefl time to heal . The leg and feet pain may go away it takes a while.