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Well, I finally saw my Rheumy today for all my joint pains & stiffness, including my spine (even though he didnt want to deal w/ my spine anymore, I mentioned it anyway). He looked at a few areas including my back and said he didnt see any inflammation or "activity" (whatever that means). He asked me what medications i'm taking. WELL UHHHHH, he's the one that usually prescribes my meds. He doesnt know he's been prescribing me plaquenil for almost 3 yrs now??? He asked what other meds i've taken for pain , I think he should know what hes given me, don't you? Then again he gave me a bunch of lidocaine shots up & down my spine. Then he was pushing down on my head..WTH??? I said, Oh what are you giving me a head massage?? LOL
Whatever. I told him about my ongoing fever and he just said mhhmm, mhmm. He gave me a script for this Lyrica I've seen around on the boards and said it was for muscle pain. That is strange, b/c the pharmacist and the med leaflet says its an anticonvulsant and for nerve pain. Oh, he also is sending me for lab tests again...ana, rf, cbc, esr, tsh, lyme titer, and some other ones that I have no clue what they're for...some which I cant even make out the letters on the script. But again, did not make any further appointments.

I always see others stating their lab test results, how do you find this out? Does the doc tell you all those numbers or give you a report? Can I ask him or the lab for a report?
Hi Baybreeze,
I'm sorry this wasn't a more satisfying appt. I'm sure you're frustrated, to say the least!

But the good news is that he hasn't closed the book on you. Let's hope that these tests show up what's going on. Might be something very treatable! Just some answers would be great, huh?

Don't know what to say about the Lyrica. Lots of meds are used for purposes other than what they were originally intended for. Hmmm...

Wishing you the best, as always,
Emily :wave: