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My mom had a double lamenectomy on July 12. A week after surgery she came down with a high fever and collapsed. Blood pressure was 55/33 almost died. Rushed her in to hosp. and was diagnosed with a severe staff infection,MSSA, which got into her blood stream. She was in excruciating pain in her buttocks and both of her legs, mainly the right one. They operated again and took out the rods on one side and had to clean out the infection inside her. She was still in severe pain that even taking morphine, dilatid, percocet and lyrica and phentonal patch did not help. She was comatose but when she would wake up, she would just scream. They saw from the MRI that the infection knocked all the hardware loose and was compressing the nerves so they opened her up the 3rd time to remove all the hardware except for two plastic grafts between the discs in L4 and L5 and L5 and S1. It helped a little for a day or 2 but the pain came back in a vengence, mainly in the right leg and her feet were pins and needles. Another MRI showed the plastic graf on her right side had migrated and was laying on the nerve so on August 29th, they operated for the 4th time to remove that graf and she has to wear this brace from her chest down to her leg for months until she fuses. The pain is still there she can't do anything but lay in bed. She has been in the hospital for 42 days. Did anyone have any similar situation? We are at wits end. The pain is still there anytime she tries to get up.