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Hello, I was hoping someone could help. I have been diagnosed with a herniated L4,L5 disc. Also with some type of arthritis is this area of lower back. I have had a radio frequency burn that did help with side to side bending, but I can hardly bend forward and the longer I am on my feet the more my lower back hurts and both my heels. I have had 7 injections in last six months none of this has helped Doc. does not think that the disc is pushing on nerves?? I think other wise. I was hoping some one could help with my symptoms. (Severe lower back pain center, radiating to hips, with shocking sensation shooting to the front of left thigh, severe pain in both heels. Which gets extremely worse the longer i am on feet.) Current meds. Lyrica and Tramadol, neither seem to be helping. HELP PLEASE!!!!!
I have similar symptoms. My feet hurt real bad after being on them for any length of time, and by the end of the day Im toast. I do notice that the pain starts from my heals then radiate to the bottoms of my feet. I have pain/ weakness in both legs too. My NS says both L4/L5, L5/S1 discs are ddd. He says I need a 2 level lumbar fusion. I denied having it at the time ( 1 year ago) but now Im thinking twice. Its getting worse where Im having a tough time walking, and of course sitting isnt good either. I take Lyrica & Norco to help with the pains. Sometimes a muscle relaxer too. I have gained weight since being on the Lyrica which doesnt help matters. I hope this helps in any way. :)