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The hydorcodone helped alot, the tramadol & cymbalta both caused me racing heart & high BP cant take those guys at all.

It's so hard since it seems to be a patient by patient kind of thing, what helps seems to vary so much it's hard to pin down one consistant thing that works for everyone.

I have failed back syndrome, what works for me for the nerve damage pain is 450 mg a day of lyrica, 10 mg flexiril 3 times a day and 10/500mg lortab every6 hours. That seems to keep the pain from my back to a tolerable level most the time.

Good Luck

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Hi, I have not really found any med that helped when I had nerve pain from disc herniations. Percocet, roxicet, ultram, vicodin, vicoprofen ( might have helped a weeeee bit), I cant remember what else i've taken...none really did anything except make me dizzy and such. Luckily, i've always seemed to have success with epidurals and nerve blocks. So far anyway. My most recent heriation actually went away on it's own over 2-3 weeks, thank god!
I have Lyrica right now (though I dont have the nerve pain now), it's making me feel weird....but I might just keep some and save it for the next time I get sciatica and see if it helps.