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Well once again the Doctors don't seem to surprise me. Today I went to see the Medtronic Rep for my stimulator. While there talking to the rep I told him my pain is only 30% better and that I have a hard time even sleeping. Also told him I was going to ask the Dr. to up my Lyrica and Cymbalta , he said I'll talk to him just go wait in the room..Well the nurse comes back and says he won't up your dosage.. Puzzled why I ask , she said you need to make an appointment with the Dr. I said its not narcotic its my nerve pain meds..Still said no...I hate this Dr. and nurses so bad..

Anyway I got more sensation in my feet but the pain is still there . A deep dull pain that won't go away.. He suggested I get the Morphine Pump ! I said NO WAY and left.
If you didn't know this pain therapy place called me today. Its pain management . Anyway the Dr. called me to ask a few questions , one was why are you driving the whole way down here to see me. I said because no one will help me with my pain. After explaining everything that needed said he ask me if I was willing to try another ESI . (You know what I think of steroids but) I said yes I will try anything to help my pain. He did promise me he doesn't know what he can do if anything but he will do his best for me.

This Dr. sound so concerned about my pain . He even swore when I told him how I been treated..The A -hole word about this Dr. that refused to up my Lyrica / Cymbalta. BUT ya know I'm gun shy from these Dr.'s so we'll see how it goes..I find it hard to trust them anymore. He said his office will call for a date . Said he's pretty booked up but will try to find an appointment as soon as possible for me. He even said gee sounds like your trying every options without strong narcotic's . I told him I dare not ask for any of that I'm to scared...He just chuckeld and said he would help me as best he could.

So....I got my fingers crossed , just wish I had somthing to take for bedtime. Its a nightmare to go to bed anymore. Watching out for that train :D