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Ya know, yesterday & today I have more spasms like in my neck & shoulders and feel more achy today all over, inlcuding my spine. My low back is a bit achy, though not too bad, im used to it. However, it started getting humid again yesterday & its worse today. We had a nice almost 2 weeks of low humidity and I was feeling a little better. Mabye that is causing some nerves to flare up a bit in my spine. I am glad that my top of foot pain isnt constant, but when I walk and it suddenly hits and I cant bend my foot. HOpefully it's not a sign that more trouble is slowly coming on. I've been taking Lyrica, though, so if it is nerve pain, well, then the Lyrica isnt helping. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Pepper, i wish i knew why we're falling apart, it's no fun.