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Everyone on this board is so great :angel: . Thanks so much for your replies. I was feeling really down earlier. I try not to let myself get down and luckily having a wonderful toddler to chase after helps me keep my spirits up most of the time. I also have a wonderful hubby and a terrific mother.

3 weeks ago my surgeon's (Yes, he is a NEUROsurgeon...lol) nurse told me that my doc would continue to write me scripts for my meds until I had my 1st appt with the PM doc. She told me that they would make the appt with the PM doc and then contact me and let me know who I was to see and when, well, I haven't heard back from her since. I guess it's no skin off by back considering she promised they'd give me scripts in the meantime. His nurse also told me that my surgeon did the surgery to relieve my leg and foot pain, which I find amusing considering I have never had leg and foot pain. My left leg and foot have been numb for the last 15 mths. All of my pain is in my back. I don't think his nurse knows what's going on. She told me during the same conversation that I need to be off the oxy, percocet, lyrica and flexeril b/c I'm almost 5 mths post-op and in the next sentence she said that I'm going to be in pain for a while b/c I had a huge surgery. She told me that the PM doc would teach me how to live with chronic pain without pain meds b/c I would always have chronic pain. Why didn't my surgeon let me know this b/4 he did the surgery? I'm getting the runaround and I'm sick of it. The sad thing is my surgeon came highly recommended from more than 1 person. I did my homework but I'm still in the same position so many of us are. I'm upset that my surgeon is cutting me loose before I'm healed from the surgery. Surgeons do just like to cut us open and send us on our way. I do plan to fight as long as it takes to find someone to take me seriously. My pain is not just in my head, it's very real.