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Background...hurt at work catching a falling IV pump...laminectomy June 25 for L5-S1 herniation and piece of the disc completely broken off.....already had one course of oral steroids..felt good for 4-5 weeks then pain in buttock, leg and foot returned on right (original injury) but also intermittantly on the left??? with right leg weakness....oral steroids again,helped briefly....MRI shows scar tissue already with nerve inflammation...oral steroids again.....EMG shows permanent nerve damage on the right and irritation on the left....now update

Saw the ortho surgeon today and not good news. He can't tell me if and when the pain will go away and can't tell me if the weakness will ever go away. I can't go back to my ICU nursing job because of the leg weakness and the fact that I may fall while caring for my tiny little preemie patients. I will need to have a sedentary job which Workers Comp and the hospital have control over. He put me back on 4 hour shifts only because I come home after 8 hours sedentary and go to bed (some quality of life!) He put me on Lyrica and we are scheduling a ESI. I can only lift 5-10 lbs. Put me back in PT.

I'm so depressed, my career as a NICU nurse is over. I may live with this pain and weakness forever. My daughter is married in 4 weeks and how much good will I be? I can't lift my grandkids. The constant pain is affecting my entire life and I feel so old. My entire life has changed in what I can and can't do. How does everyone deal with all this?

Does the Lyrica help? Anyone have ESI for nerve damage and scar tissue? Any suggestions?

I've chatted with some of you re: ESI but are there any restrictions after the injection? If it is going to give me relief does it work immediatley?

sorry to be so negative...this is a lot to process...I'm so tired and I guess this is just the beginning.