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I had the double fushion back surgery June 27th and have been on here a few times. I went back to work (a lot of sitting but I'm trying to move around and do my exercises too during the day) 4 1/2 weeks after surgery. Last week I had a check-up w/surgeon and told him that my left leg was giving out on me now and then and my low back hurts like before surgery, or almost as bad. He had an MRI done that day and I went back yesterday. Everything looks great he says, but he thinks I went back to work too early. I have pretty much known that is what is wrong because my back starting hurting after I returned to work.

His advice: take a cortisone shot and take off another month. I said that I couldn't afford to do that, so he said take a cortisone shot and go back to work. He had put me on Lyrica a month ago and he added Cymbalta to it yesterday. He said it was given as an anti-depressant but that is not what he's giving it to me for. He said it blocks the pain receptors or something to that effect. Has anyone been on those two and how did they help?

Also we are going on a trip to TN this weekend and next week. My surgeon ok'd it but said of course to stop often and walk around. Any tips for trips? Kinda catchy, huh? :)
I am on both Cymbalta and Lyrica. I have not been on the Lyrica long enough to notice a difference with the nerve pain. I have been on it about a week. I have noticed I am sleeping better.

Wow...can't believe you were back to work so quickly! I had the same surgery and was off for 12 weeks and am still struggling at 7 months post op to put in 4 hours a day. I had gone back 50+ for about a month and a half and it killed me! Way too much sitting.

Lyrica is a nerve medication that helps to reduce nerve pain. I have some waiting to be picked up at the pharmacy right now - haven't tried it yet.

Cymbalta is a combination Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor and Norepinephrine that is used as an anti-depressant as well as for diabetic neuropathy. It seems that as of late it is being prescribed alot for any type of neuropathy and/or nerve pain. I have been on Cymbalta for over 2years and originally started using it for depression, however, after reducing from 120mg to 60mg I have realized that I have more pain on the lower dose than I did at the higher dose. The reason I've been trying to lower my dose is I would like to get off of all my medications and try to conceive.

I've had a slew of epidural steriod injections prior to my surgeries as well as 3 after my fusion and all I can say is it works for some people some times and others it may not. I've had mixed results with getting them.

I too am struggling with finances with working reduced hours and realize where you are coming from in the need to be working, however, your health is priceless and that should be your first priority right now (many people have told me this over the past few days so now I'm repeating it to you).

Best of luck!