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Hi Cash.

Have you tried Oxycontin? I take it every 12 hours (it's time-released) and I think it works great. I've never heard of the meds you've tried. I also take percocet (for breakthrough pain throughout the day), lyrica (for sciatic nerve pain) and flexeril (muscle relaxer). I've already had a level 1 fusion in 4.2007. I was originally diagnosed with 3 herniated discs in my lumbar area - L1, L3 and L5. My doctor decided to be conservative and only removed the L5-S1 disc and fused it. Five months later and I still have severe pain most days. Talk to your doctor about the reaction you've had to the meds. Be persistent and be your own advocate b/c if you don't look out for yourself you'll get railroaded by doctors. Are the WC doctors telling you that you need surgery? Have you already tried PT and steriod injections? Best of luck to you.