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Hi Roy - Boy I haven't seen you in a while . Yep looks to be your the only one doing pretty well. I can't sit up here on this chair very long because of the back pain so I just hop in now and then. Pepper is having alot of problems , poor girl . I don't know what to say or do either but to be strong and fight back ? Been holding off my Hydrocodone for 3 days now. I need to stop taking them for a while cause there not helping me anymore.
I think my body has gotten used to taken them and there not strong enough anymore ? I tried to get in to see my PM Dr. but they have been so ignorant with me . Telling me my Dr. schedual is booked and he's on vacation for a week AGAIN ! I just ask them to up my Lyrica and Cymbalta until my appointment on the 21st and they said NO if my pain becomes to bad go to the ER ?? What a joke.

I have an appointment to see a new PM Dr. next month. He promised to help me after I told him how this Dr. has been treating me. Honestly I don't just want narcotics I want to feel less pain..:(

The Beach is overcast and Gloomy bud ! I'm glad to see you Roy . Just talking to you helps. Thanks for being here.