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Well, Sept. 12th was a year ago I had my L4/L5 fusion, laminectomy, discectomy, instrumentation surgery. I can only say that the pain is worse then it was before surgery. Before surgery I only had back pain. Now I have nerve pain down my leg. The dr. thinks scar tissue pressing on the L4/L5 nerve root. That will never go away unless they go in and take out. It only comes back though. The pain across my back is horrible. I started using a cane again if I need to walk any distance. I'm on so much meds. Still on the Oxycodone. Taking Skelaxin, Lyrica. When does it end? I asked the surgeon if this is as good as it gets. He said he hopes it gets better. I knew there were no guarantees but I did hope for the best. It had to be done. I never thought the rest of my life would be pain. You don't realize how much your life changes. I'm sure everyone can relate. Sorry to be a downer. I'm just sitting here in pain ready to take my Oxycodone before bed. I was forced to take early retirement at 42 years old. Got denied social security and appealing. So, less money and a life change. There are days I feel guilty about not working anymore. Then, reality hits with horrible pain and I know I did the right thing. Oh well. Thanks for listening.
Thanks KKMom. It looks like there is permanent nerve damage in my calf and part of my foot. Had it before surgery. No guarantee it would go away. The nerve was in a knot. How many years? Who knows. I never had the pain in the calf before. Not for years. It is bad enough to recover but then new pains come. I'm already on 300mg of Lyrica. Doesn't seem to be doing a darn thing for me. Guess if I didn't take it then it could be worse. I'm just tired. Tired of being in pain. Tired of complaining about it too. It helps to come here and discuss with people that understand. So thanks. Just the replies I got make me feel better. ;)
have they tried anything else other than lyrica like topomax or neurontin?