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I had my PLIF aug 23rd. I seem to be doing well. I had a bad set back with hip pain that went down my leg. The NS said I had an inflammed nerve and gave me Lyrica 75mg 3 times a day. Its working for the pain I'm off my oxcontin and still on soma 3x day and cut my percocet in half.Down to 3 to 6 a day I go to rehab twice a week which causes its own kind of pain.PT says she sees improvement but feels I need to tell the Dr. I am not ready for work.Here is my problem Yes I have cut down on my percocet because the soma andl yrica are working on the nerve pain. I can walk around a store for an hour before getting tired and having to go home to bed. Also I can sit in my computer chair almost 2 hours. Yes in pain but at my computer I block it out to try to stay on it longer. Give me a different chair and 45 minutes is my limit. I still can do some things around the house but if I do too much Im sore and misirable the next day. Kind of my life before surgery with back pain and fibromyalgia. Go to work go to bed etc.. Lucky My job let me work 3 days a week for 5 hours. Now I have lost that job after being out six months. I dont blame them they really needed to replace me long ago and really tried to hold out. NOW the big fear I go see my NS he says OH the surgery looks great I did all I can now you go to work!.. Is this how its done. What happens at the crucial visit. Does the PT have any say. Still being weak or on meds and pain influence anything. Do they refer you to a different doctor if they are done with you. How do they decide when you can work and when you are finished as a patient?