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I have herniations at both L4-5 and L5-S1 with "with inferior migration of the disc fragment to the upper S1 spinal canal, leading to focal broad-based left-sided thecal sac encroachment and displacement of the left S1 nerve root". I previously had a L4 laminotomy with everything appearing o'kay in that area.

My question is: The displacement of the S1 nerve root is said to be "slight" on the MRI results, but does anyone have any experience with bladder dysfunction and a "slight" displacement? I have had an extreme constant urethral spasm since July and really wouldn't be able to urinate without Enablex, Flomax (I'm female), and Lyrica...and even then sometimes I can't urinate. The constant spasm is driving me nuts! :confused:

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
Baybreeze, Thanks for your quick reply. What your doc told you is exactly what is happening with me, I think. My neurosurgeon scheduled me for a mylegram followed by a CT and an EMG next week. I originally had a bad spell with my back complete with a bladder infection...As I've never had a bladder infection before, I just assumed that the back pain (radiating into the leg) was due to the bladder infection. I knew I wasn't emptying completely for some time but didn't pay any attention to it. Now I'm putting the pieces together, I hope. After the first round of antibiodics, I was clear of the infection but one day later the urethral spasm hit me and hasn't let up...and that's been since July!

My urologist catherized me twice and told me I have urine retention....duh! He told me not to believe what my mom told me when I was a kid...that it was o'kay to pee in the tub...gave me flomax, enablex and more or less sent me on my way.

My GP prescribed lyrica which has helped somewhat but I'm finding that I'll probably be on the max dosage in a couple of days because the spasm is not responding to the lyrica as it did at first.

My urologist told me that interstitial cystitis is more or less a diagnosis after everything else has been ruled out. If the back tests next week don't show anything, then I'll go to another urologist IF I can't talk the neurosurgeon to take out the piece of disc pressing on the nerve root...I've got a huge gut feeling that's my problem. I was not emptying completely 7 years ago when the other fragment of disc was removed but didn't realize it until after the surgery was over. I remember telling my GP that I could urinate better then and he said that disc problems can cause bladder problems as well.

If all else fails, I'll just get off the meds and go to the emergency room screaming in pain and refuse to leave until somebody finds out what's wrong!

Again, thanks for your reply!