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[QUOTE=123dietdrpepper;3209642]Okay...I can think more clearly now that meds are helping with the pain. Sorry I have been out of it.

I don't know if this wil help you or not but in my case they said s1 vertebrae was laying directly on s2 vertebrae and they were moving splinter the bone and compressing the nerves every time I walked.

Having the full vertebrae fused was the best thing I could have had done at 18. It gave me 22 years of a pain free life. We just won't talk about the last 4!! :D

How did they determine that this was happening while you were walking, a certain type of xray? I have done xrays straight and bent, but not anything that simulates walking. My biggest pain is after I have walked a distance or walked on a concrete floor, or even standing for longer than 15 minutes. Did you ever try Lyrica for pain? I just started on it yesterday. It helps a little. It is supposed to be for nerve pain.