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You are right about the close examination of films. On a closer examination of my mri there is a additional protrusion which is not mentioned in the original radiology reports nor did the first ortho see it although I am not really all that sure he really even scrutinized my film closely as he should have. I asked him about other levels and he said they were fine. Well they aren't fine as I found out after looking at them with another doctor. So ask me how much I trust them.....hmm...not.

Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy and these guys are supposedly tops in their fields but with waiting lists the length of your arms and some doctors not even willing to take your case where exactly are you suppose to turn.

Nerve pain is really tricky stuff to deal with and it's source is often so hard to determine. Tests are not the be all and end all I am afraid. Have you fused or are you a case of failed back syndrome? Many patients are not fully informed of this possible outcome of fusion surgery. Of course most think it just isn't going to happen to them.

Do they give you an explanation for the pain you have? Why the laser surgery? What do you have that could be laser surgically correctable?

There is another condition that I will mention arachnoiditis. It is associated with failed back syndrome. This is not as serious as the arachnoiditis associated with chemicals (older tests). This condition can be seen on an MRI. Are you on any of the seizure meds eg: lyrica, neurontin, topamax...ect

Have not found that Wasser does any diagnostics other than EMG what have you had done there and how long have you been going there. I go every two months.

How up to date are your MRI's ect?
Hi Pooby,

Sorry for the delay in replying. I went to the Wasser a few years ago and saw Dr.Peng. He discharged me after 4-5 visits because all he offered me was a trial of different drugs-- e.g. neurontin and the opiates. After a few treatments, he suggested I just follow up with my GP and he would inform him of the drugs he recommended I take. I stopped taking the opaties and now just take nortriptyline ( an anti-depressant that treats nerve pain ). I haven't tried lyrica yet-- I don't want to try this drug because of what I've heard-- it apparently increases the risk of affecting the genes in the sperm and fathering a child with birth defects ( imagine that !! ). I would never be able to live with myself if my wife gave birth to a child with this knowing I may have caused it. Not too many people know about this particular side effect. IF you're not a male in the reproductive years, I guess it's not important. Anyhow, my neuro says it's likely pain originating from the spinal cord. I really don't know how that happens. He's been evasive about explaining this. He says that, sometimes the nervous system undergoes "changes" after a surgery ( in my case, fusion ) and becomes hypersensitive. He says there is no compression visible on the diagnostic tests
so that pain management is now my only option. I have to get another opinion or two before I accept this. I'm trying to find out who is the best person to see about a careful 2nd opinion. I'm willing to go anywhere in the world at this point. I will pay out of my own pocket to get my life back. Any ideas of which doctor is good for another opinion? By the way, I've heard Dr.Gordon at the Wasser is good-- are you seeing him?