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i have my 2nd ime this week..following the last one (which was less than 10 minutes long and the guy was a complete jerk) my workers comp insurance company with my employer took me to court...I did win luckily. Bad thing is that now I have to share 20% if the too little I get with my lawyer.
Last guys report was completely inconsistent, which he blamed on dictation mistakes and "mis-speaking" and said that his conclusion was correct (that I should work full shifts without restrictions) despite all of it. Even though the judge ruled in my favor, he did not say that the suit was frivolous on the insurance company's part (which would have meant that they would have to pay the whole lawyers fees) but that was just based on them having a medical release for me to work. It was riduculous because his conclusion made totally no sense the way the report was written.
Anyway, this week is with a different doc, but still...for one thing my lawyer says that they virtually always are on the insurance company's side..if there is any way that they can possibly do it...since my problem is back pain..that seems to be always up to interpretation. Right now I am recovering from an IDET procedure (3 weeks ago) so I am wondering how much he will really expect me to do...like bending or twisting or anything. I am on a sustained release morphine which is helping my pain somewhat, but we are still adjusting it to keep me comfortable all day. I'm not sure how this, and my docs plan to start me on Lyrica will affect my returning to work. My job requires concentration and a good memory as well as being susceptible to legal issues (besides all the lifting, bending and twisting I do). I'm an RN so I take care of people and I'm not sure how much I can do while on these medications. I'm don't think this IME doc will take that into account. The last IME guy never even asked me what I did at work, but yet still judged that I could return to work.
I know that this is rambling, but any words of advice?
Just a quick note on the Lyrica. I too am an RN, on W/C, no patient care right now, just sedentary work. There is no way I could do patient care on the Lyrica. We both know that meds affect everyone differently, but if you look on the board the majority of people have drowsiness as a side effect. Good luck!