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For those of you who have had to listen to me whine and not at the other place, just thought I'd update.

I still saw the nurse practioner cause surgeon is out of town.
She said she knows the meds give you brain fog and that i am depressed but, I am fighting between pain or brain fog. I need to forget about it, I don't need my brain right now anyway. I need to be in bedrest and sleep and rest.

For now my directions are this:
Bed rest, no walking, no pool, no anything
Brace if need it, heat or ice
Oxy 40 mg twice a day
Lortab every four hours
Lyrica (new as of today) three times a day
Valium (new and cut out xanax and muscle relaxor) three tiems a day

If not improved by next wednesday they will do an MRI. She said by the looks at my new xrays she doesn't think I've done any serious damage that would show up on MRI, but how the hell can they tell that by an xray>>

She said I need to realize my whole spine dynamics have changed and basically I screwed something up, and I have to get the pain under control and start over. And hopefully I can eventually get back to where I was, and that it isn't uncommon.

She said if by next week I have improvement, then I can cut the oxi to 20 mg two to three times a day and start short walks.

I couldn't believe no pool or walking, but....I am hoping if I follow directions I can miracoulsy bounce back, cause this sucks

And I thought it was kinda funny she said I didn't need my brain right now, which is good since its gone.